Katie Falk

Katie Falk, plays Belle and the covetous Laundress in “A Christmas Carol” now at Oregon Stage Works. She began her acting career as a child under the direction of her mother, Dianne Warner. Since then, Katie has grown into an accomplished actress, singer, and vocal coach. She’s played numerous roles at Camelot Theatre, including Lily in “Carnival”. We got together one sunny afternoon at Starbucks next to Southern Oregon University.

EH: Have you thought of doing opera?

KF: I did for many years. But I wanted to move, and I wanted to be expressive. In opera you get to be incredibly expressive, but it’s literally almost entirely from your voice, like a violin. There expression doesn’t come from body movement, and that was something I wanted to do. It’s just a different kind of art. So, I decided I wanted to do musical theater.

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