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Backstage: Making films about subjects people don’t talk about

Katherine Roselli
Katherine Roselli

Katherine Roselli will present her documentary film “OLD?!” tonight at the Varsity Theater as a fundraiser for the Ashland Independent Film Festival. Beautifully photographed and smartly edited, the film includes such local notables as artist Betty LaDuke, playwright Julia Sommer and fitness expert Andy Baxter, plus lots of charming children. The film is refreshing joyous and emotionally compelling. I met Roselli at the Boulevard CafĂ© in Ashland.

EH: What is your process of movie making?

KR: I go out with my camera, use natural light, have the concept and do the interviews. But I could not make a movie without my stellar editor, Claudia Ballard; my sound engineer, James Abdo; and Steve Brown, who color corrects and make the DVDs. I put it all together, but they make it a movie. Continue reading Backstage: Making films about subjects people don’t talk about

Steve Sutfin

When “1776” opens at the Camelot Theatre, it will begin with a drum solo by Steve Sutfin, Camelot’s resident drummer and photographer. A professional musician, Sutfin toured internationally, finding a home base in Ashland. Steve’s iconic photos have graced Camelot’s programs and the pages of local newspapers. We met at the Whistle Stop in Talent.

EH: When did you become a photographer?

SS: As a professional musician, I took up photography so I could starve in a second art form.

EH: You contribute your time and talent to the Camelot Theatre. Why?

SS: I believe in the theater. I love playing music in the theater. I’ve been in bands for 45 years, playing rock ‘n’ roll and blues and traveling. I got tired of it. I found I liked hanging around with actors better than I did with musicians. They’re a little bit more intellectual and witty. Musicians are fun, I am one. It was a natural evolution for me. It’s something I want to do. I like theater. Continue reading Steve Sutfin