Nathan Monks

Nathan Monks
Nathan Monks

In The Camelot Theatre’s production of “The Producers,” Nathan Monks plays Franz Liebkind, a volatile former Nazi who wrote the “worst play ever written,” “Springtime for Hitler.” A trained actor and singer, Monks is new to Camelot Theatre. We met at Starbucks on Crater Lake Highway in Medford.

NM: I’ve been fortunate enough to be cast in multiple shows for the upcoming year. I’m very excited about that.

EH: What was the audition process like?

NM: We were asked to prepare about a 2-minute monologue and 16 to 32 bars of a song. Then they gave you a slip of paper with just a single musical line on it and the starting pitch. They asked you to sight read it: a little testing of your overall ability to read music.

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John Keating and Galen Schloming

John Keating(left) and Galen Schloming, Photo by Judith Pavlick
John Keating(left) and Galen Schloming, Photo by Judith Pavlick

“Double Trouble,” directed by Jim Giancarlo at the Oregon Cabaret Theatre, features stellar performances by John Keating and Galen Schloming. These young actors play songwriters who are hired to compose music for a Hollywood movie and find themselves confined to a sound studio in a madcap situation. They are invaded by numerous iconic Hollywood characters, also portrayed by Keating and Schloming. One Sunday afternoon, we visited between shows in the balcony of the Oregon Cabaret Theatre.

EH: How many characters do you play?

JK: We both play five characters.

EH: How do you play a woman? How is it different from playing a man?

GS: There is a sensuality that informs the character. The pacing is a little slower and the gestures are a little more fluid. You spend enough time in heels, and it takes you a lot of the way there.

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