One thought on “Diane Nichols”

  1. My dear Diane

    Here is the text of the letter that I sent you by post (without being sure that the address I saw on the internet was correct), so I am sending it to you via the site. I think of you a lot. lots of kisses for you.

    Geraldine ROUGRAFF

    A lot of years have passed since our last exchanges! I don’t know if you’ll be at the same address, but I pray to Heaven that this mail will come to you.

    I don’t know why we didn’t write to each other anymore, but I wanted to tell you that I think of you very often. Today, I wanted to try to send you this mail in the hope that your address has not changed and that the miracle will take place.

    I no longer use English since our exchanges, or really on very rare occasions, which is why I use “Google Translation” to be able to write to you in your language. It certainly won’t be perfect, but I think it will help you understand it anyway.

    The time has gone by so quickly that today I am retired on June 1 of this year !! I am happy to stop working because I am considering new projects. First, that of leaving the Parisian suburbs to go and live in Bretagne, in the west of France, near the sea.

    I still live on my own and haven’t had any children. I’m used to it now.

    In all these years, a lot has changed and I think so have you. My parents left us a long time ago now; my mom in 2005 and my dad in 2009. It’s hard to live with when that happens, but the years that go by help us live without them. When my thoughts are with you and the welcome you gave me a few years ago, I can’t help but think of your parents as well. I liked them very much.

    I think of your children too. How big they must be now! Did your daughter realize her dream of going to Japan?

    There are a lot of things that I think of when I transport myself a few years ago: the sailboat ride with your mother and your stepfather, the puzzle that we had done at their place accompanied by the music of “Out of Africa”, the iced tea that your father offered us, this mountain walk with him and David…. How I loved those moments !! Even though I remained silent, I would like you to know that I thought of you very often. I love you very much and I hope you will have the opportunity to come see me when I live in a slightly bigger apartment.

    To be able to leave the Parisian suburbs, I have put my apartment up for sale and my move is scheduled for December 10th. It is approaching quickly !! My new address will be as follows :
    2 rue du Carré des Vosges
    56000 Vannes

    I will also give you my email address if you want to send me a message:

    I will hurry to send you this letter very quickly and will pray very hard to Heaven for you to receive it, I so want to find you !!

    I kiss you with all my heart and hug you to me and hope see you soon.

    Very sincerely

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