Michael Hume, OSF actor

"The minute you feel cozy and secure, you get complacent, you stop doing your work, and they'll start to see habits or mannerisms." — Michael Hume
Michael J. Hume
Michael J. Hume

EH: I saw you in “Clay Cart.” You look nothing like you looked then.

MH: I had a shaved head and I had a little thingy up there.

EH: That’s why I didn’t recognize you. Do you consider yourself a director or an actor?

MH: I’m an actor who directs every now and then. There was a period back in New York where directing gigs came along fast and furiously, so I didn’t act for about two years. I would like to say that all of those directing jobs made me rich, but they didn’t, not in this business. Nobody gets wealthy in the theater. And then, going back to acting: I could feel the scales of rust falling off. But ultimately it’s like getting back on a bicycle. A couple of weeks in the rehearsal hall and you’re fine again.

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