Kate Sullivan of Oregon Stage Works

"The live voice and the live story is what we need as a society. It gives us our humanity." — Kate Sullivan
Kate Sullivan
Kate Sullivan

EH: You graduated in theater from the University of Hawaii with a BA in theater?

KS: Yes. I received some nice training and I always wanted to take part in the building of a small theater. That happened here.

EH: What are your favorite roles; what would you like to create here?

KS: Any good part in a great play is a dream, because you are etching out that role forever. The author has given you so much to work with. You can play it a thousand times and you are still deepening the performance. I’m open to all roles and plays. Shakespeare, Williams, new plays. I get really excited, you know, working on an original piece. I love being part of that playwright, actor, director, collaboration. I would love this theater to grow so that it can be a place where actors, directors and playwrights can continue to create together.

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