Mike Jensen

Mike P. Jensen
Mike P. Jensen

I met Shakespeare scholar, Mike Jensen, and his wife, Cydne, while we were dining family-style at the exquisite new restaurant, Blue, Greek on Granite.  Jensen recently lectured at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival about OSF’s radio show, which aired between 1951 and 1984. He will be co-teaching a class on Shakespeare and Modern Culture with Geoff Ridden at Southern Oregon University this fall. This is an on-line interview.

EH: Shakespeare and popular culture, what’s the latest?

MJ: A Manga (a Japanese comic published as a paperback book) has just been released called Romeo X Juliet that sets the R&J story in a future repressive state with Juliet as a Zorro figure leading the rebellion; and I’m investigating the Japanese animated TV series that originated it.

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