To be someone else, it helps to know who you are

Rodney Gardiner
Rodney Gardiner

Actor Rodney Gardiner is currently playing Nathan Detroit in Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s production of “Guys and Dolls.” Previous notable OSF roles include the two Dromios in “The Comedy of Errors” and Guy in “The Imaginary Invalid.” Gardner earned a BFA from State University of New York and is a founding member of New York’s Waterwell Theater. He has been performing Shakespeare since the age of 14. He is married to choreographer, Sarah Lozoff; they have two lovely children. We visited at Café 116 in Ashland one beautiful day.

EH: How did you get interested in acting?

 RG: I did oratory contests as a kid. I didn’t turn to acting until ninth grade when I heard about a school in downtown Miami called New World School of the Arts. I’d heard that it was a performing arts high school, like “Fame,” that I had seen on television. We did two hours of arts at the end of every day. That school completely changed my life.

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